What I can do for you


Icon Design

In addition to our brand and identity design services, I also specialize in creating attractive, pixel-perfect icons. Should you be a software developer, you'll be pleased to know that I take meticulous care creating high-resolution application and toolbar icons of all sizes, stylized specifically to look right at home on either the Macintosh and Windows platforms. Or perhaps you're looking for website icons for your upcoming killer web-app? No problem! We look forward to lending extra character to your next project.

Interface Design

A compelling, attractive UI has the power to entice new users to pick up your program, and most importantly determines how easy to use and intuitive your software is. For these reasons, I offer interface design and usability consulting services. I greatly enjoy creating iPhone icons and interfaces, distinctive buttons, window widgets, scrollbars, sliders and other control and application graphics, and take particular pride in drafting program interfaces in their entirety.


Brand + Identity

I am also fully capable of establishing (or revitalizing) your company or product branding. The distinctive logos I create appropriately capture the character and nature of our clients businesses. I can also work with you to establish your comprehensive business identity, by identifying the best font faces and color combinations to use to depict your company.

Graphic Design

Using the same tools of the trade that I use to produce my website designs — Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator — I also offers a wide variety of general graphic design services. From print compositions, invitations and posters to online advertisements, banners and business cards, the graphical pieces we produce are stunning and exhibit a keen attention to detail.


Web Design + Coding

I specialize in designing beautiful, unique and eye-catching websites. However, my proficiency is not limited solely to the graphical phase — I also have the technical programming proficiency to realize such designs using semantically-valid code. My designs are developed into fully-featured websites by hand, using using the most current and efficient programming languages for the job: XHTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP.